The French Royal Council Crest

The French Royal Council is a Council for French Allies. We will talk about confict and peace. We will trade and befriend others. We are still in the process of making this Council so fill free to ask and join. Our sever will always be Fragilles.

Members so far,

Marie Antoinette - Leader

Duchess of Anemois - Leader

Samuel Redbeard - Allied GM, French Overlord, Grand Admiral of the French Royal Navy

Jack Bluehawk - French Member

Cad Bane - Allied GM

Poeman - Allied Member

Captain Rad - Allied GM

Matthew Daggermenace - French Member

Tom - French Member

Lord Jack Goldwrecker - Allied Member

Jack Swordmenace - Allied Member

Capitaine Robby Robert - Allied Member

Lord Proprietor Robert Mcroberts - Allied GM

King John Breasly II - King of England

Czar Benjamin Macmorgan- Czar of Russia

Thank you,

Marie Antoinette

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