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Built as El Fortuno de Platez and bought from the Spanish Treasure Fleet, the galleon began service to Lord Francesco de Platez, an Italian of the Spanish nobility, it was to be the finest ship his family would own to claim their vast fortune in the New World. It was attacked and captured by Lawrence Roberts during a supply stop in Port Royal bound for Panama. Little life was lost and only minor damages were done, and was commissioned as his flagship throughout the Caribbean, renamed the Fortune General due to the fact that there was a Spanish General aboard the night it was stolen. When de Platez received word of the ship, he spent his fortune in buying a privateering fleet of ten war galleons to hunt it down and sink it if need be. The fleet found the General off the north coast of Cuba and began it's attack. Though three of the ships were sunk, the General didn't make it and was scuttled off the bar during the night.

The galleon was soon returned to de Platez, only to be burned off Barcelona. In his words he stated as he watched it burn. "Our name has been shamed."
Fortune General


Crew: 75-120

Built: 1745, Royal Spanish Fleet, Seville, Spain

Commission as pirate ship: 1747, Port Royal, Jamaica

Fate: Scuttled off Cuba 1757, burned and sunk near Barcelona, Spain 1757

Speed: 8-10 knots

Arms: 30 x 12 pound cannons, 10 x swivel guns

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