Special thanks to the for providing some emoticons.

Emoticons (or emotes) can be use in comments and also on userpages but mostly comments, they could be use for page banners too! We Suggest if you find a smiley please turn it into a template by clicking "Add Page" type in Template:(What ever you want to name it) Anyone is free to add their own! Please DO NOT put a inappropriate or bad influence emotes on this wiki,an admin will be contacted and then the the inappropriate emote will be deleted.


Emotes Template Codes
Smiley-dance013 {{Edance}}
Upsidedown!!!!!!! {{Upside Down}}
Whacky dude {{Whacky}}
Waving guy {{Waving}}
Computergeek {{Geek}}
Fire jumper {{Firejump}}
Colorful bouncer {{Colorful}}
Arr Emote {{Arr}}
BDAY! ! ! ! {{HBD}}}}
Doing the wave {{DoingWave}}
CompMAD {{CompMad}}
Dead person {{Dead}}
Ban {{Ban?}}
PANIC S {{Panic}}
Victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{1st}}
Number2!!!!!!!!!!! {{2nd}}
NUMBER3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{3rd}}
OfftopicGUY- {{OT}} OR {{OffTopic}} OR {{Offtopic}}
Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!1 {{wb}}
Its loading and loading etc. {{Loading}}
Help-sos-sos-29402 {{SOS}}
Pirateship!!!! {{Pirateship}}
Th bathcaptain {{BathCaptain}}
Th piratewench {{PF}}
Th Jollyroger {{PirateFlag}}
Th 5a83f38fe5b7 {{Rum}}
Dancetl6 {{PirateDance}}
Pirate7 {{PirateShot}}
Buds {{PirateBuds}}
Piratear {{Arrr}}
Bookishfj7 {{Reading}}
Forum smiley treasure {{P}}
Psmiley35 {{Whistling}}
Sadmh9 {{Sad}}
Animated-gifs-ships-04 {{SunkenShip}}
Fight {{PiratesF}}
Psmiley27 {{Shock}}
Th bf-piratebullet {{PirateC}}
Th 1sm264pirate {{Parr}}
Degen {{Redguy}}
Piratewheelgo2 {{Steering}}
Smiley emoticons pirate2 veryangrySmiley emoticons pirate2 veryangry {{PT}}
Sailr {{Pirateboat}}
Mickeypiratezd4 {{DisneyPirate}}
Laughks2 {{Laughing}}
Piratetongueor4 {{CabinBoy}}
Pirate6 {{LandPirate}}
00001927 {{ParrortCaptain}}
12 1 138 {{TC}}
Th facepalm {{Facepalm}}
Pirate3vf8 {{PirateGuy}}
Pirate-3514 {{Captain}}
Forum smiley sword {{PP}}
Jackhat {{JS}}
Hut125 {{Mad}}
Star {{Star}}
Piratewithaparrot {{Ar}}
Ghostpirate {{GhostPirate}}
PiratesDuel {{Pirateduel}}
41 {{applause}}OR!{{Clap}}
Parrot {{Parrot}}
Hurtguy {{Hurt}}
Navysoilder {{NavySoilder}}
Kinggeogre {{KingGeorge}}
Piratedriving {{PirateDriving}}
Notgood {{NotGood}}
Hobopirate {{HoboPirate}}
Guywithredhat {{RedHat}}
Agree {{Agree}}
I dont agree {{Disagree}}
Sleeping Moon {{SleepingMoon}}
Nightf {{SleepingCloud}}
StarStarStarStarStar {{Star5}}
Welcome {{Wc}} {{Sorry}}
Fat-Shy-Guy {{FSG}}
Celebrate {{Celebrate}}
Chillpill {{Chill Pill}}
Th 1sm024cry {{Cry}}
Monkeydance {{Monkey}}
Hypo {{hypo}}
Congrats {{Congrats}}
A PIRATE'S LIFE FOR ME!!!!! {{Piratelife}}
17 {{EXPLODE}}
Thumb ahoy ani {{Drinksup}}
Thumb pistols2 {{PistolE}}

Thumb piratetype


Zomby {{Zombie}}
Moderator {{Reaping}}
Spider {{Spider}}
Firebat {{Firebat}}
Spinner-b-l {{AdobeLoading}}
Lol! {{LOL}}
JKEcVPZFk-2 {{Loading3}}
Shame {{Shame}}
Snapoutofit {{Snap}}
V2 {{Locked}}
Th 2007D {{Scared}}
Aliens very first smiley {{UFO}}
Strike {{Strike?}}
Giggle {{Chuckle}}
Japanese smilie {{JPS}}
LOLemoteok? {{Lol}}
SANTADANCE! {{SantaDance}}
Santa021 {{Santa}}
Iagree {{Agrees}}
Veryconfusedemoteforemotespage {{Confused}}


C0204 {{Goodbye}}
Smiley-hug006 {{Hug}}
Huh {{Huh}}
Smiley-face-night {{Goodnight}}

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