El Esaspirtu is El patron's Son he was born in 1255


El Esaspirtu as a Baby

Esaspirtu went to the caribbean to find Some crew mates for his father but when a Navy Guard stopped him He attacked and the Navy Guard begged for mercy at his feet

Navy Guard Begging for mercy at His feet

After Esaspirtu Gather his father's new crew he sailed to spain


Esaspirtu sailing to spain

The Navy guard who lived from the ambush Told his Men That Esaspirtu Took his clothes and beat him down Once then the Navy fleet launched their fleet and headed for the HMS Red Fox
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HMS Sinker

The HMS Sank The Red fox and Esaspirtu payed for his crimes...

El patron Took his " new " Crew To the Island raven cove Foul Berto Found out Esaspirtu went to jail and never told El patron Once he found out El patron took him to a trap door shut half of his crew in there.

Once El patron found a Mine of many workers the Miner gave him Gold silver and other gems they found plus they joined his crew but that wasnt all of it 2 Naval Explorers Kudgel and Bell came With Many Navy officers and el patron, his crew fought them it was a bloody battle but El patron lost... Then He remembered his Lost sword was at Padres In The back of It. He then quickly Sent a Dying Breath to go on the sword and wrote a letter to his son to find that sword but the letter never went through. 10 years later Jolly Invaded Raven Cove

Making the island go foggy. Eitc Lord Victor O'pane Was sent by Lord beckett to Investigate Raven cove Once he got there the fog was cleared and Pirates were looting everything they could find. He called his men to kill the pirates... The Eitc took SOME of the remaining Weapons. a year later 34 year old Esaspirtu came out of jail. A Mysterious letter said Find My Lost sword my then the other half of the letter was burnt. Esaspirtu Had no skills no armor or men to support him. He knows his Journey he must do what he was asked to do find weapons and also.... His Father....

Written by Port royal Newspaper.

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