Relatives: Brother of Johnny Mcfury, brother of Jack, brother of Nathaniel Deckdavis, half brother of Tyrant.

Guild: Owns Everyone, Rise From Chaos, Team Blackout, Is Minty Fresh, No Need To Hate, The Red Ace Kings ( Currently ).

Fighting Style: Jumper ( Rank Up and coming ).

PvP Record: 182 wins - 29 loses - 16 tie

Taught by: Nathaniel Deckdavis, Captain Rad, Sunkidd, Mister, Jack, Invincible Man, Johnny Mcfury, Ace, Dakota Legendblade, Jumper X

Weapons ( In Order ): Royal Cutlass ( Common ), Knovies of the hawk idol ( Famed ), Grenade ( Common ),Eitc Blunderbuss ( Common ),

Server: Barten, Barila

Occupation: Assasin, Mercenary, Pvper

Level: 27


Cannons: 3

Sailing: 7

Sword: 30

Guns: 9

Dagger: 25

Grenade: 9

Potions: 1

Fishing: 1

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