This doll is the most powerful doll in the game so far. it was the doll used by the Harbinger of Death. This is the only known Legendary Cursed Doll. The dolls design looks like Jolly Roger. The current owner of this doll is Samuel Redbeard.

resell value 40,000 Coins (40k)


Level 30 Doll

Attack 98

All immunities

Steal Voodoo




Retribution(hits all enemies around you for 5000 damage should you die with this weapon equipped.)

replaces Grave Shackles with Grave Bind(EXACTLY like Jolly Rogers but holds for 35 seconds and damage over time until binding is done)

Grave Bind +8 boost

Life Drain +8 boost

Swarm +8 boost

Poke +8 boost

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