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Pirates of the Caribbean Death of Lord Cutler Beckett

Pirates of the Caribbean Death of Lord Cutler Beckett

Lord Beckett plays Slappy. Endeavour plays the Victory Conqueror. Jack plays Leon. Ignore the Flying Dutchman ROFL

250px-Victory Portsmouth um 1900

The Victory Conqueror symbolizes freedom for the pirates

During the Battle of Devil's Pass, The Victory Conqueror served the Brethren Court. But it lead to massive destruction.


After Jack died, the Brethren Court fleet struggled to survive. the Victory Conqueror was ONE of the last pirate ships to stand against the EITC. Leon's Ship made a full broadside of explosive ammo and destroyed the Victory Conqueror, along the Captain and his crew. The remains fell to the bottom of the sea and was lost forever.


That's not what happened Slappy, the Brethren won the battle. Just read the page.

That picture above is of the HMS Chieftain exploding, that was on the Death of Jack Swordmenace page. Please remove it, it has nothing to do with the Victory Conqueror. The other ones are fine but don't re-tell the story, when I said anyone can edit I mean to add, not to change the story. Thanks.

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There. changed it to one of the last ships and removed Chieftain exploding. BettER?

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Yes, thank you

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Slappy, that's not what happened. The Brethren won, you are talking to the author of the tale ok?

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I agree with the Pirate King on this one Slappy

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