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He started out as a normal man born in Washington. Later, he moved to an island in the Caribbean Sea. He noticed many pirates tried to steal from him lately. He found a new way to defeat them. He used a voodoo staff to absorb pirate's souls. After he collected so many souls he was corrupted. He had so much dark power and evil in him that he was on the front page of Port Royal newspaper.

Port Royal News Paper

'Have you seen this Wizard?'

Heading on Port Royal Newspaper

A murdurer has escaped from Rambleshack Prison. If there is any sign of him please notify the Royal Navy.

Reward: 1,000,000,000 $


He raised an army of undead. Soon he was known as the Dark Lord of the Umbra.

Defeat and rise

Jack Sparrow challenged The Dark lord to a duel he won, but later rose from the dead.

Skills and special abilities

The Dark Lord is a sorceror. He is known to use Voodoo staff curses.