The Crimsony Knight Blade is one of Zoomer's greatest and most powerful weapons. It was given to him by his father on his 18th birthday: the day where he would set out to see the sea beyond Ivory Bay - an adventure that would ultimately lead to him getting locked in the Rambleshack Jail. It differs from your standard hunk of steel by not only having great physical capabilities, but also using voodoo magic - both restorative and offensive - to boost its strength. It also seems to have some sort of connection with The Island of Despel, because it sometimes emits the same unearthly glow that the ancient, lost weapons are told to emit.

Stats and Powers

Attack : 116

Perpetual Nature : Heals HP By 1000, and regenerates HP for 5% of max every 2 seconds for the next 5 minutes.

Terra Dance : A long-range sweep attack that summons chunks of rock from deep within the Earth to rise and pulverize enemies.

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