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Triforce Charlotte Heartstealer has reached Notoriety level 50 and joined the No Groggy Club!
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Full Name

Charlotte (Char) Heartstealer

Current Levels

Notoriety- MASTERED

Cannon- Level 22

Sailing- Level 18


Shooting- MASTERED



Grenade- Level 22





Charlotte is a spunky, fun-loving pirate who enjoys cackling, going to parties, and being a race car (Vroom Vroom). Although she cannot cook, she loves to eat waffles and toast. She often spends too much gold trying on different outfits and is never satisfied with her hair-do.

Random Pictures

Little Char

Pirate Boat

Pirate Bomber

Pirate Hula

Pirate Sunset

Previous Guilds

Crimson Guard (Charlotte's First Guild)

Francis Brigade

Nonstop Naughtyz

Evil Black Assassins

The Co. Empire

'Officers Path

Stand Out

Elite Dragon Squad

Bounty Hunter Co.

Rogue Burritos

United Empire

Legend Assassins

Paladin League2

Live to Party

Spartan Savviest

Probably a lot more that I dont remember.. o.o


Admiral Mog- Whereeeeeeee areeee yoooou???

Ben Costello- The wise one.

Benjamin "Benny Mac" MacMorgan- Yeah... I'd like a Benny Mac with some large fries and a soft drink.

Benjamin "Benny" Swordratte- My friend who is not my friend who might WANT to be my friend again but he wont admit it.. -_-

Bill Irongate- Brother Billy!

Cad Bane- Hi. :)

Captain "Ben" Bennick- Person who writes on my page.. xD

Captain Leon- Teeheee. Hi

Dan Darkeye- My hobbit. :)


Davy Dampskull- LIAR!!! Tee Hee. The scary muscle man who dislikes me.. BUDDY

Davy Squidfitte- Hullo. :)

Dog O'hawk- Woof.

Don Leon- My second Guildmaster. He has known me since I was a wee level 10.

Francis "Franny" Bluehawk- My super spifftastic pal.

Hawk- Whyyyy are you alwayss afk?!?

Hawkeye- CUPCAKE! :D

Hector Dreadeaston- Gosh! You happy now??

Henry Calicomorgan- My bestest buddy... who uses big words and sometimes goes crazzzzzy.

Jack Redsilver- You scares me...

Jared "Jar head" Danner- My one and only Jar head.

John Daggershot- I am waiting for you to come online, YOU INACTIVE PERSON!!

John Macbatten- You sicken me. Hehehe, just kidding.

John Warsmythe- -screech -

Johnny Shipbeard- The one who drives me wacky.

Joseph "Joe Joe" Fencer- The bubble stealer who is mean to me. :(

Kirby "Kirbz" Green- The one who confuses meh brain. PLEZZZEEEE COME BAAACH!

Lee Knite- The wicked awesome one.

Matthew Mchazzard- HAI MATTHEW!

Richard Goldvane- :D Richy Richy Richaarrrrdd

Roger McBellows- A man.... who bellows.. :)

Ron- Heyyyyyy yoooouuuu..... :o

Sidney Tha Terrible- Hehehehe.. HAYYYY GURLL FRAAAND

Sloppy "Pig Food" - The weird one. In a GOOD way.

Thomas Chipshot- My wee chipmunk. xD

Tom Wildfitte/Jean La'fitte- The short one with the tasty hat. -eats Tom's Hat-

Victor O'Pane- My "bro".

"If I forget you, SORRY!!"


THANKS FOR VISITING! Now get out. -_- JUST KIDDING! HAHA. No.. really.. leave.. :p

-throws toast-


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