In part 3 of this story, Jolly Roger sends all of his army to save this unknown voodoo lord (who turns out to be Slappy). Will Jolly be able to make it in
The Kraken07:22

The Kraken


Jolly lead a full invasion on Port Royal. The skeletons and their trusty Powder Keg Runners destroyed the Barricades fast enough to get to Slappy. They cut the rope. At first, Slappy was terrified. Then he realized that they wouldn't hurt him. The Undead took Slappy aboard the Harkaway to meet Jolly Roger. Jolly explainded to Slappy how powerful and how much knolledge he had. Jolly trained Slappy everything he knew. Jolly assigned Slappy to Ezekiel Rott's crew, but before he did he had to do one more thing. He ordered his skeletons to pile on Slappy. Eat him alive until he was nothing but bones. Jolly would do the rest.

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