In this conflict another war started. It was a minor war. Just for getting more land. It was beween a spanaird nammed Garcia de Avarica, and a frenchman nammed Pierre le Porc. On each island there are people who will tell a new pirate that the oppossing side is bad. Some people will give you advice on ' privateering. ' Some people will give you ammo. Some just want too get away from the fighting. You will be hired too fight the other team. Be sure you have good gunners and a strong hull. You can be a famous sailor if you prevail in this minor war. If you fail ye will be in Davy Jones locker! by winning you can get not only fame but foutune (money). Easy gold in this war. Is it right though? Sinking you're own friends and guildmates? You also don't get aztec coins so if you don't make it then you're dead! So remember this: Think twice act once. There are other wars in the Caribbean. Wars between pirate guilds. Stop these wars NOW! We need too be together if we will prevail. Or we will all fall. What will be the fate of the Caribbean?

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