The war between Jolly Roger, the EITC, the navy, and the pirates began a long time ago. It all started with the magnificent islands. Port royal, Tortuga ( The pirate haven), Padres del fuego, Cuba, and many of the wild islands. There were pirates everywhere. The town called Minertown still existed. Ship docks wasn't Kingshead. Las Pulgas wasn't taken over. The pirates were friendly with the townsfolk, as well as traveling merchants. There was enough money for everyone. no taxes, no jail, no security. A free land. It's beauty made it more magnificent. Untill the navy came. They built a fort on port royal and made it there stronghold. We were not prepared for any of this. So they made port royal a stronghold quickly. They also built a masion for the new govenor to preside in. With it they impossed tax and order. the citizens had no choice but too pay taxes. The pirates refused and rebeled. With the new tax collected the navy made a fort on padres. Now there were two forts. Fort charels, and Fort Dundee. We sunk many of there ships, and raided there forts. The next thing we new, after a month, more soldiers came. The next day a organization called the EITC (east india trading company) came. Looks like the navy couldn't keep supplies in stock. The only bad thing was 1: that ment new ships, and soldiers for the dark forces. 2: the EITC were more elite than the navy and less lazy, and worst of all 3: the EITC were not just merchants and soldiers but an army of assassins! This made pirates join them. Such as the EITC black sharks. A pirate guild turned into a mob of EITC. Worse then that a bretheren court member lost at cards with Jack Sparrow and turned into a horrid looking beast. with insane voodoo power. he can raise dead EITC soldiers, navy soldiers, pirates, and townsfolk. He can also ' taint ' wild animals. making them more slaves for his army. Several places were destroyed for war efforts. Now we wake up too an instant battle everyday. War put others through many things personaly. Such as dream businesses destroyed. Ones you love killed right before you're eyes. One day a spansih man and a french man came a started a war in this war. Worse, a man with tenticals, but human. And a flying dutchman ship. What will be the future of the Caribbean?

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