We are an organized group of Treasure Hunters, Explorers, and Archaeologsts. We hunt for legendary weapons and lost treasure. We are not a guild, we are an organized group.

Found Treasures

Loot Skull Chest with 1,050 gold inside. (THese gold pieces were later named the Cursed Coins)

Loot Skull chest with 4 legendary weapons (Silver Freeze, World Eater, Behemoth Blade, and Thinderspine.

Loot Skull Chest with 500 gold and 2 famed weapons inside (Fullmoon Special Blunderbuss and Engraved Cutlass)

All legendary figh caught on the same day at the same spot ( North East side of perdida)


Our museum is located on Isla Cangrejos.

Weapons shelf:

Silver Freeze

World Eater Blade

Behemoth Blade

Thunderspine Blade


I,050 Gold coins

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