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Roleplay Biography

Ned Edgewalker
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Ned at 55.


June 2nd, 1690 (age 60)

Birth Place:

Florence, Italy


Jonathan Hemingway (Father)

Charlotte de Berry (Mother)

Edward Hemingway (Brother)


Himself; Poland-Lithuania; The Brethren Court (Formerly); The Kingdom of Sardina (Formerly)


Zon Cuffal

Jack Ironcutter


Maria Stormratte (Divorced, 1743)

Three Fangs (Died, 1746)

Titles and Positions:

Pirate Prince & Founder of The 7th Brethren Court; Founder of the 8th Brethren Court; King Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia; Hetman of Poland-Lithuania

      Ned Marino Edgewalker (Born James Amadeus Hemingway; June 2, 1690 - c. 1757) was a British-Italian Pirate Lord, King of Sardina, Hetman of Poland-Lithuania and Captain of the Fighting Fox who operated during and shortly after the Golden Age of Piracy. Edgewalker's life has been well-documented through different historical documents, eyewitness accounts and personal journal notes.

Edgewalker was a somewhat influential figure in piracy and world politics throughout the 1740s and 1750s, especially in the later years of the 1740s. Although the exact date is unknown, Ned is believed to have been killed in a fight sometime in 1757 by Pirate King of the 8th and 9th Brethren Courts, Richard Cannonwalker.

Edgewalker is perhaps best known for reviving the Brethren Courts in 1744 when he founded The 7th Brethren Court, of which he was the Pirate Prince, and the 8th Brethren Court. Other notable ventures include his short reign as King of The Kingdom of Sardinia and his time as Hetman of Poland-Lithuania.

Early Life & Piracy (June 2nd, 1690 - July 1746) 

Early life

James Amadeus Hemingway was born on June 2, 1690, in Florence, Italy to English privateer, Jonathan Hemingway and Italian whore, Charlotte de Berry. Jonathan, who was 29 at the time, was visiting Florence on vacation for up to a year and visited a local brothel where Charlotte, 18, worked on his third day in Florence. Jonathan specifically requested Charlotte after seeing her, and after some time the two began an affair. A month into Jonathan's stay, Charlotte became pregnant after an encounter between the two. Three months following this, Jonathan came to the realisation that it was, indeed, his child. As the two had fallen for each other, Jonathan invited Charlotte to join him in his return to Newfoundland, where Jonathan resided. Three days before their departure, James was born at 6:29 PM on June 2, 1690.

The three travelled to Newfoundland where shortly after arriving, Jonathan and Charlotte married. They had another son, Edward, six years after James' birth. The Hemingway's lived a comfortable life for many years, building up their nobility and wealth, while also becoming rather notorious among other privateers. On September 12, 1706, Jonathan returned home from a privateering trip and abruptly told his family to begin packing, as they were leaving the instant they were ready. Before he could ask why James was ordered upstairs to begin packing. Unbeknownst to James at the time, Jonathan was sought by the British and EITC for multiple counts of piracy, most committed on Jonathan's latest outing. Within fifteen minutes, the family was fully packed and headed out the door and into a carriage.

The Hemingway's soon arrived at Jonathan's ship, the Laughing Fox. They found that the dock was now guarded by six EITC soldiers, although the crew was still aboard. Jonathan signalled the crew from inside the carriage to begin firing upon the soldiers with muskets and then instructed Charlotte to obstruct James and Darien's view from inside the carriage. Jonathan exited the carriage and personally killed three of the six soldiers, while the remaining three were killed by musket fire. Jonathan returned to the carriage and abruptly cut the sleeves off of his black cotton shirt using his dagger. He tied the sleeves around James and Darien's eyes, acting as blindfolds. Charlotte and Jonathan guided the two literally right over the dead bodies and abord the Laughing Fox. The two were told they could take their blindfolds off, where James caught a glimpse of the bodies before being swiftly taken away by two crewmates.

The ship immediately set sail for the Caribbean, as Jonathan had arranged refuge from the British in the small, remote community of Raven's Cove. 

Life Before Piracy

Upon their arrival at Raven's Cove, the Hemingways had arranged to stay and work with local fisherman, Thomas Fishmeister. After only a mere six days of working with Thomas, the Hemingways managed to increase Thomas' rate of catching fish, as well as the size of the fish he caught. Many years later, Edgewalker recalled in his journal that his father had used voodoo to do both, but when Thomas questioned him about it his father simply brushed it off as luck. 

James, his mother Charlotte and his brother Edward were tasked with the duty of selling the fish, something his mother was especially good at. With Jonathan and Thomas catching more, bigger fish and Charlotte's skill at marketing, fish soon became the most popular food on Raven's Cove. This continued until 1720 when James was 30. Edgewalker would later write in his journal that, although simple, it was one of the happiest periods of his lifetime.

At this time, unbeknownst to the inhabitants of Raven's Cove, after a decades-long search by the East India Trading Company and the forces of Jolly Roger, the lost weapons of legendary Spanish conquistador El Patron had been traced back to Raven's Cove. A young Lord Cutler Beckett and Jolly Roger wanted these weapons badly, so the only natural course of action was to invade Raven's Cove. Jolly Roger's forces arrived first and wreaked havoc on the citizens of Raven's Cove only to soon be joined by Lord Beckett's private army, the EITC Black Guard.

Jonathan and Thomas were at the front dock of Raven's Cove when Jolly Roger arrived and they were among the first to be massacred. Roger's forces advanced to the main communal area of Raven's Cove where James and Charlotte were in the process of selling fish in front of their house. James ordered his mother to get in the dinghy that was stationed at the bottom of the wooden bridge next to their house while James ran into the house to collect anything important before they departed. James managed to slip into the dinghy unnoticed and he, along with his mother, rowed for safety on Padres Del Feugo.

After five hours of taking turns rowing, the two finally arrived at Padres Del Feugo on a particularly stormy night. Edgewalker later recounted that "there was no time to grieve, there was work that had to be done". The two unloaded the few items that James was able to recover and set off to find a place to stay. James bartered with the local shipwright for a light sloop and was eventually forced to sell off most of his valuables in exchange for the ship.

After agreeing on the deal and shaking hands with the shipwright, James was asked "so, what are you going to name her?". He thought of the name of his father's ship, the Laughing Fox, and decided to name his ship The Fighting Fox, thus christening the Light Sloop as the first iteration of the Fighting Fox. 

James and Charlotte would spend the next year and a half sleeping on the dock of the Fighting Fox while James would use the tricks taught to him by his father to catch fish for the two to eat. Edgewalker later recounted that he "felt like he was in a rut" and decided to sail to Port Royal. Using the rest of his valuables to pay for it, James made the decision to send his mother to America to find a new life in New York. Following his mother's departure, James decided to, for better or worse, return to Raven's Cove to see what was left of it. After docking, James stumbled upon the ruins of Raven's Cove. The bodies of both EITC soldiers and Jolly Roger's soldiers still remained. He also discovered the bodies of his father and Thomas. 

In the centre of Raven's Cove, he discovered his brother Edward running around in a manic state with no other sign of life around. James approached his brother, but before he could get too close, Edward yelled "step away, for I am the mighty Edward Brittles! If ye do not obey, I'll have to smite ye with my ghostly powers!". James got closer and grabbed his brother by the shoulders and tried to convince him of who he really was. Edward looked at the horizon and turned white. James, thinking this was an indication that he had broken through to his brother continued to talk to him before Edward simply whispered "sunset" and ran off to climb into a small wooden crate.

James, confused by this, continued to talk to his brother while he was inside of the crate. He did this until sundown, continuing to try and break through the wall of craziness. Feeling the situation was hopeless, James abandoned his brother and began walking back to the Fighting Fox. 

James turned the corner to get to the main dock of Raven's Cove when he saw a glowing red figure standing adjacent to his ship. James was unarmed but decided to approach anyway. Cautious with every step, James slowly approached the figure and eventually got eerily close to the seemingly empty floating cloud of red gas. Then, a human figure appeared inside the cloud of gas and had turned around to face James. 

James realized it was his father, but something was off. He had glowing red eyes filled with rage. Edgewalker recounted in his journal the next events: "As I stood there, staring into the eyes of my father, he hit me with a force like no other. The hit knocked me back the length of a great white, and knocked me unconcious." 

Beginnings in Piracy


Francis Brigade & Pirate Prince of The 7th Brethren Court


The 8th Brethren CourtThe Kingdom of Sardinia & departure from the Caribbean


Poland-Lithuania (1750 - ???)

Return to the Caribbean & Joining Poland-Lithuania


Non-RP Biography

Ned Edgewalker was (obviously) my main character on Pirates of the Caribbean Online from June 2, 2009 to September 19, 2013. I created Ned after my original founders' account had been hacked sometime in 2009. My main ship on POTCO was The Fighting Fox, which had many different iterations throughout its lifetime. The Fighting Fox was everything except a war-class ship at least once.

I was involved with various different roleplay groups on POTCO, and held various roleplay titles. Most notably of which, the founder and Pirate Prince of The 7th Brethren Court, as well as the founder and Bearer of the Pieces of Eight of the 8th Brethren Court

I was the Guildmaster of two moderately successful guilds, those being "Edgewalker, Inc." and "W A R BREAKERS." I was also the Co-GM of a very successful guild, that being "We Never Give Up!". Throughout my time on POTCO, I was also a member of many notable guilds, such as Francis Brigade, The Outlanders, Armed Guard, Mandalore Rebels, O U T L A W S, McRaging, I N F E R N O and Remy's Renegades.

Ned ceased to exist with the rest of Pirates Online on September 19, 2013, although he has been remade in The Legend of Pirates Online (even tho i'm super inactive but ssssssssh).

Notable Friends

  • Captain Johnny - Met in 2009
  • Remy - Met in 2010
  • Richard Cannonwalker - Met in 2012
  • Jack Ironcutter - Met in 2009
  • Sam Swordfury - Met in 2010
  • Francis Bluehawk - Met in 2010
  • Jeffrey Blasthawk - Met in 2009
  • Zon Cuffal - Met in 2009
  • Jim Logan - Met in 2011


Random Trivia

  • The characters first name (Ned) was decided by my dad, and the last name (Edgewalker) was made up by me, because I thought of the WWE wrestler, Edge, and Walker was already selected, thus creating the name Ned Edgewalker.

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