"A love of the sea is a love of life.

"- Captain Joshua Warhawk

Full Name

Joshua Juan Warhawk


Raven Cove


Captain Josh Warhawk is a nice and friendly pirate, who will usually do anything to protect his friends. A former Navy Admiral, Josh now sees the good in life, and is a merchant trader. Although, he has a love for the ocean, and is usually busy sailing across the seven seas. Josh has webbed hands and feet, probably one of the causes for his love of the sea. He is a special voodoo mystic as well, and can be found with his friend and fellow gypsy Sandra Tew.

Early life

Captain Josh Warhawk was born on the mysterious and dangerous island of Raven Cove, and he grew up learning about El Patron and his adventures. At a young age, Josh had wanted to become a rich man, but also wanted to sail across the sea that he loved so much..... More Coming Soon....

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