Born: 1701

Death: 1745

Weapons Used: The Lost Sword of El Patron, Scoundrel Pistol, World Eater Blade etc...

Ships Captained: The Lightning Wolf, The Black Mercenary, The Golden Mealstrom

The Death of a Captain...

Captain Fatbeard has been recently killed by Captain Jack Deathbringer, people used to know this famous villian years ago. His ship, The Deathbringer killed Fatbeard's crew and sent them to Davy Jone's locker. Jack Deathbringer captured the Lightning Wolf and made Jack Goldsteel the Captain. But fortunatly he had enough time to pass his Peace of Eight to Jack Darksteel.

Jack Darksteel now commands the Lightning Wolf, the pride of the mighty Fatbeard.

Potc: The Pirate Wars

John appears in the upcoming novel, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Pirate Wars as the main character in the chapter Hostage. He's also mentioned by Tobias Sharksteel in the chapter Quest of the Seven Kings, and briefly is the topic of an argument between Sharksteel and Sarah Redhayes.

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