C.O.P., standing for Caribbean Official Police is an organization founded by Captain Shadow Sail.


Founded by Captain Shadow Sail, the organization was founded 2 years ago for a was of protecting every citizen, bank, etc, in the Caribbean. People everywhere were getting into fights, killings, etc, and Shadow was completly sick of this, thus, the C.O.P. was born. Anyone can join.


I, _______, agree to risk my life for others, do whats right, and never whats wrong. I will respect and protect all, I will put others before myself and I will protect the Caribbean. And if I fail to do that, I will agree to be removed from the C.O.P. organization.



  • Every member must take this oath in the comment section by copy and pasting it.

Training Center and HQ

The Training Center and HQ is located on Port Royal in the Warehouse. Will Turner is the trainer there and will train you to fit in.


This the official discussion area for C.O.P


This is Captain Shadow Sail, President. We need members. If you are interested in joining, please do!

ShadowSignature 16:45, February 12, 2011 (UTC)


  1. Cheif: The leader/founder of the organizations. Makes all decisions.
  2. Deputy Chief: Second in command.
  3. Marshal: Basic Manager for everyone except Cheif and Deputy.
  4. Officer: Third in command. Is basically manager of the Protectors.
  5. Sea Manager: Manages Ship Protectors.
  6. Assassin: Kills what needs to be killed.
  7. Assassin: Kills what needs to be killed.
  8. Protector: Protects the Caribbean
  9. Protector: Protects the Caribbean
  10. Protector: Protects the Caribbean
  11. Ship Protector: Protects the Ships in the Caribbean
  12. Ship Protector: Protects the Ships in the Caribbean

Note: Want a job that is not listed? Say so in the coments!


Here are the members of C.O.P,:

252 21121 251 11 ~ Cheif


Jack Daggermenace ~ Second in Command

King John Breasly of England''' ~ Deputy Chief

Jeffrey Blasthawk ~ Officer


Jack Swordmenace ~ Marshal


Robert Mc Roberts For Crown and County! ~ Sea Manager


'''High King Jeremiah Stormwash''' ~ Assassin


Soar ~ Assassinnct

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