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Buccaneer Hero is a lvl 10 buccaneer, owned by the user: Vice-Admiral


He was found on a beach as a baby, by John Silvergun and brought up in Tortuga to be one of the finest sword fighters in all of POTCO not to mention his fine eye for the pistol. He is a buccaneer.

He likes sailing around in either Golden Raider or Red Raider raiding EITC or Royal Navy ships, so really he is more of a pirate.

He would be Spanish but for the simple reason he hasn't the time to mess about in phony wars, no for Buccaneer Hero he is there amongst the buccaneers, he is chief!

Actual name:

Jack Hawkhog


Buccaneer Hero


Jack The Pirate (the only friend on wiki)

Buccaneer Hero's levels:

Sailing: 7

Sword: 7

Cannon: 7

Shooting: 6

Voodoo: 4

Potions: 3

Fishing: 2

Dagger: N/A

Staff: N/A

Grenade: N/A

His ships: are called:

Golden Raider

Red Raider

Storm Strider (The Ship given to him)

His Guild:

Come and find me on the server Andaba to find out!

His Rare Items:


Iron Cannon ram

Engraved Sword Baboon Sword


Best PVP record:




John Silvergun





By Vice-AdmiralVice-Admiral 07:34, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

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