Boneclaw Cavern is a secret cave on Devil's Anvil. There is a trap door under the rock Barbossa is standing on. Get him to get off and you can get in.


Bosses : Cataw Boneshreiker ( 65-90 ), NEW! Alive Heavy Armor El Patron ( 75-100 ), ( sometimes ) Jolly Roger ( ?? ), NEW! Alive Foulberto Smasho ( 45-50 ), Smiley The Car ( 1 ), Elmo ( -3,000,000 )

Enemies : Undead Mercenary, Undead Pirate, Undead Bandit, Undead Brighand, Undead Executioner, Undead Raider, Undead Witchdoctor, Undead Gypsy, Devious Ghost, Traitor Ghost, Mutineer Ghost, Alive Crewmembers

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