Bonebiter is a level 47 undead Traitor Boss.

Drops only cutlass's and sabres.

Weapons: Bonebiter is a very strict swordsmen. He doesnt use any other weapons besides his Fear Cutlass and Sabre.


Bonebiter is the younger brother of John the Cutter and Backstabber, he is the older brother of Big Bernard. His mother is unknown and his father is said to be a relative of Khaos.


Bonebiter got stranded on an island after trying to kill the ships captain of his ship. When on the island he was forced to eat animals to the bone, hence the name Bonebiter.

Special Abilities

Bonebiter, being a strict swordsmen doesnt use many "Cursed Powers" However his Fear Cutlass has a few tricks up its sheath

Fear: A move only used by one in possession of Fear Cutlass, allows the holder to appear in the form of the enemies deepest fear.

Bonebiter is very weak, for he only uses swords it becomes easy for the attacker to defeat him.


Times Defeated; 1

Fastests Kill: 30 seconds, level fifty enemy

Brother of Backstabber, John the Cutter and Big Bernanrd.

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