Bluehawk blade

The famed Bluehawk Blade carried by Francis Bluehawk commander of Francis Brigade!

The Bluehawk Blade is a famed weapon Created by Francis Bluehawk.

The blade has a gilded handle and is a sabre. It is also cursed by Francis Bluehawk. On the handle, there is a tattered brigade flag that grants any member of the brigade power and not to be cursed. The curse keeps you groggy unless you pledge service to the brigade or return it to the sacred island of Driftwood Island.


Type/Rarity Famed Sabre
Resale Value N/A 723 gold
Attack N/A 76
Cursed Thunder Rank 1 Deliver a shocking bolt of lightning
Steal Health Rank 3 With every hit, gain a little health
Blade Storm Boost +3 Raise your bladestorm damage by 30%
Level Required N/A Level 27 Sword

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