• Lord Andrew Mallace

    If this passes, we can easily work out the logistics of either using MOKAD or something separate. Urge everyone to vote their conscious and beware of bias. An investigation has been opened due to Law's incredibly disparaging and disjoining comments to make sure this isn't another attempt at sabotage. Happy voting!

    Copy pasted from Nults McKagan's SSC post:

    "When I made my proposal to legalize most swearing, this is what I really wanted, I just settled because I figured it wouldn't get approved, but I'd like to try it now. I propose we make an official discord, added to the sidebar of the wiki, entitled "Gamers Fanon Wiki" or something of the like. We could do what the last proposal suggested and allow most swearing, other than slurs, and bas…

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  • Lord Andrew Mallace

    Copy pasted from G-man's thread:

    "We already did this to YouTube links but I think it should be done for all links.

    No porn though.

    Or gore."

    This is an important vote and I urge all users to think carefully and express any opinions as this affects our future as a wiki. Best of wishes, and as always,

    Long Live Democracy

    1. Squirto19
    2. G-man.
    3. WaglingtonŒ
    4. Johnny Goldtimbers
    5. Zoomer Strife
    6. Lord Andrew Mallace

    1. LawIronhawk
    2. Nults McKagan
    3. Jeremiah Garland

    1. Captain Ned Edgewalker
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  • Squirto19

    So Wikia implemented a new Nav Bar sometime within the last 12 hours, and that's always fun to get hit with that. While it looks great it actually brought up a problem that has apparently been hiding in our code since forever ago. Some pages don't appear to be affected by it, but most all of them are. I'm trying to fix it as soon as possible but I just have no idea where the code is even coming from. So bare with me while some pages are gonna have no edit button for a while. You can however go to the page you want to edit and in the URL at the top just add on to the end "?action=edit" and that'll let you edit your page for now if it's having this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience (even though it's probably only going to inconvenience Lit…

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  • G-man.

    New Scripts

    May 5, 2017 by G-man.

    These scripts have been added to the wiki.  

    1. DiscussionsFeed - Allows discussions to be seen easily in Special:RecentChanges and makes a new page Special:DiscussionsFeed.
    2. SaveKey - Allows pages to be saved by using CTRL+ S or Command + S
    3. AvatarFinder - Allows a user to add an up-to-date user avatar image into a page without using a file link.
    4. WikiaNotification - Adds custom notifications.
    5. AbuseLogRC - Adds a table on Special:RecentChanges showing the last triggered anti-abuse filters.
    6. MarkBlocked - Strikes out usernames that have been blocked.
    7. MassBlock - Batch block listed users.
    8. MessageBlock - Sends a message to blocked user to inform them about the block.
    9. RevealAnonIP - Unmasks "A Fandom contributor" so that their actual IP address can be seen e…

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  • WaglingtonŒ


    From the SSC:

    "First of all, I think the section of our policy about "Role-Play" should be renamed "POTCO/TLOPO Roleplay" since it pertains specifically to roleplay from those games. I also think a link to the TLOPO Roleplaying Nations page should be added to assist first-time roleplayers or old, returning roleplayers who have no idea what's going on, but I doubt either of these need a request to be done, so onto the main reason for this request.

    With the passage of the Vienna Accords, there isn't really a need for actual rules about how roleplay should be conducted anymore. However, since we are a wiki and we still need rules about roleplay page/blog creation to cut down on drama, I suggest that the roleplay rules…

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  • Lord Andrew Mallace

    Copy-pasted from Squirto19's post here:

    "Mall requested that we do this through the SSC and a community vote, so here we go. The whole purpose of this vote is to see if the majority of staff/the community are in agreement for having a new Bot. If they are we'll send a request to Wikia to tag the account (SquirtBot19) as a Bot so that Activity isn't spammed up from any of the multiple edits it will be making in a short period of time.

    Again this will move on to a Community Vote if all staff are in support here, but everyone should feel free to voice any opinions they might have of the bot on this thread."

    Long live Democracy,

    1. LawIronhawk
    2. Squirto19
    3. Nults McKagan
    4. Lord Andrew Mallace
    5. Johnny Goldtimbers
    6. EmpressBluefeather31
    7. Nate Crestbreaker
    8. Sir Joseph Gr…

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  • WaglingtonŒ

    From the SSC:

    "This seemed inevitable. Squirto has been one of our most active users in recent memory, combined with a respectable amount of experience and commendable judgment. In addition, he has served as "temp-admin" for quite some time now, attending to a myriad of old coding errors and even introducing new features for us to enjoy in chat. His tenure as temp-admin has been invaluable to us all, and considering our recent increase in traffic, I believe it's time for him to make the leap from temp admin to full admin."

    Just a quick reminder of our policy regarding voting:

    • You must have at least 50 edits, be an active user, and must have created one article in order to be eligible to vote on community appeals. These edits must be made on pa…

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  • Lord Andrew Mallace

    When I left at 6:59 PST on Thursday, December 29th, 2016, and jokingly said "Wag, hold the fort," I did not expect my words to bare such truth. I thought we, as a community, were past the 2012 (that I admittingly sometimes instigated) childish arguments designed only to create chaos in hopes of triggering the admins. But tonight gave us a dark reminder that the shadow of our 2012 selves still exists; while hidden deep within our newer, mature egos, it still lurks.

    I don't care about your side of the story. I don't care whether you feel Breasly was trolling, or that Wag was being partisan and harsh, or that you feel Ned unfairly didn't allow the nomination of the British Empire - I do not care at all. I've heard each side, and I am disappoin…

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  • Lord Andrew Mallace

    Copy-pasted from Nults McKagan's post here: "This might belong on the 1ASA board, but I figured I'd put it here instead. Since music that autoplays can now be put on pages by anybody as opposed to having needed go through an admin, like it used to, I figure we should put some rule in place to prevent obtrusive songs from being put on the wiki. If you want an example of what I mean, go to The British Empire (TLOPO) page. The song playing on there (as of the posting of this request) is obviously not intended to enhance the page in a positive way, but rather to intentionally bother those who view it. This wouldn't be an issue if it didn't autoplay upon arriving to the page and there was some kind of warning, but as it stands, people could pote…

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  • Lord Andrew Mallace

    From all of us here at the GFW, the site that will never die or run out of content ever, we wish our users, editors, chatters, distinguished guests, and visitors an extraordinarily fantastic winter break that is hopefully filled with joy and potentially some regret. It has been an amazing year and we've had some very fun times. Despite the world coming to an end, I have many memories that I will cherish from 2016 and our future is bright as we head in 2017. Again, have a wonderful holiday break and enjoy the chance to, rather than do homework, waste your nights on TLOPO grinding towards 50 against the odds that the Beta might be wiped when it goes live. 

    On an additional note, here's a brief look into what we have planned for 2017. First, w…

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