The Horrific Horrible Horror that causes

horror horribly called The Horror

Big Bernard is a crew member of The Horror


Big Bernard is a midget that as some say ate to many hamburgers during his life and had a stroke that comprimised his growth.

Level: 32

Drops only grenade ammo

Weapons: Big Ol' Grenade


Big Bernard is the youngest brother of John the Cutter, Backstabber and Bonebiter. His mother is unknown and his father is believed to be a relative of The Almighty Lord Khaos.


Big Bernard is weak his powers are pretty powerful however.

Big Ol' Grenade: tiny grenade that grows and grows and grows and grows and grows and grows and grows until it is the size of Devils Anvil cave opening

Records: Times defeated: 9 Fastest Kill: 1:00 level fifty maxed weapons (might have been AFK)

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