Images (40)Benjamin Macmorgan: The Founder of The EITC Golden Age is a out-dated article. No further edits on this page are needed, unless they are spelling mistakes. As this page acts as a Historical Document and is not intended to start any arguments or hurt feelings.

On July 5, 2009, The EITC would see a sign of relief as Benjamin Macmorgan creates a guild that will one day become, The Strongest EITC Guild known to man. Named The Co. Empire.

The Co. Empire began to Grow rapidly, By December 2009, The Co. Empire had 500 members and a large waiting list. What could of been their downfall? How could one of the greatest Empires fall? Who did this? What was the reasoning? But, Lets focus away from the downfall and focus on the creation. After many months of the EITC not having a true main guild, lead the Co Empire to grow rapidly. Many people saw the Co. Empire name and knew it would become a success and it did.

One of the biggest victories for the Co was infiltrating Mcraging, One of the largest Pirate guilds and most influential pirate guild. The infiltration lead to lots of confidential information being taken to the Co empire and used for military victories. The Co. Empire was infiltrated many times by enemy spies but didn't harm it one bit. The Co.Empire was dynamic and complex and made it very difficult for the threat of spies.

Now lets talk about what destroyed the co empire..

Many factors lead to the defeat, But it was mainly a attack.

Estella Heartlight, Benjamin Macmorgan's ex wife decided to kick out 40 members in the co empire. After that, Many people panicked and thought they would get kicked as well.. She began to kick more people till the population was at 467 people. Eventually Benjamin Macmorgan, Usman, And Captain Andrew decided to leave and create a new guild called the United Empire.

The United Empire was a big success like the Co Empire, But its defeat was the same. After the defeat of the United Empire, Benjamin Macmorgan joined a few other eitc guilds and got ideas to create the Co Empire again. He gained the trust of many officers in the eitc and was ready to recreate the most powerful empire.

On the day of January 9, 2011, Benjamin Macmorgan recreated the Co. Empire and so far, It is a large success. By January 28, 2011, The Co Empire had 92 people along with the most organized government system in the EITC. The Co. Empire currently stands at 111 members, With 15 officers and 68 veterans.

~ Benjamin Macmorgan Founder of the EITC Golden Age ~

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