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Ben Can.

A lvl 13 pirate with a lvl 12 sword. He isnt that skilled, but hes a helpful crewmate.

He is the brother of Jack Can and the son of Grandfather Can.

He is collects what he calls 'Jolly Roger Weapons'.

  • Ben Can's Darkfire Cutlass.
  • His second item in the collection
His Collection includes the following:
  1. Darkfire Cutlass - What makes this blade a Jolly Roger weapon, is the green fire with the Cursed Fire power. It is the same fire that Jolly Roger's Hologram is made of.
  2. Cursed Seafang Blade - What mades this blade a Jolly Roger weapon, is the Thunderbolt power. It is the same Thunderbolt that Jolly uses.

Pirate Stats.

Level status'

Notoriety - 13

Sword - 12

Gun - 7

Doll - 7

Dagger - working on getting one.

Friends and family

Jack Can

Grandfather Can

thats... about it.


Darkfire Cutlass

Cursed Seafang Blade.

a couple other stinky weapons.

See Also.

Can Family.

Jack Can

Grandfather Can

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