Beckett's Blades

Beckett's Blades

Beckett's Blades are a set of throwing daggers that belong to Lord Cutler Beckett. They were forged in a city in Damascus. Using Damascan steel, the blades can catch fire at the owner's request. They were brought to England by the Abu Nar Clan. They were granted to Beckett as a gift when he was appointed the Lord Governor of the EITC in the Caribbean. When Beckett sailed to the Caribbean, they never left his side. They are only plunderable from Lord Cutler Beckett.


Type/Rarity Legendary Throwing Knives
Resale Value N/A 300 gold
Attack N/A 70
Molten Burn Rank 4 Burns all nearby targets with molten daggers!
Blade Instict Boost + 4 Boost on blade instinct
Use N/A Requires level 30 daggers

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