The battle Over Port Royal took place December 7. The weather was harsh. There was snow, rain, and lightning. The Snatchers lead a huge attack on the pirates and Navy. Scabior himself commanded 5 brigades.

Brigade 1

First, the Sea Star destroyed the dock to get a clear boarding. The Snatchers pushed through the soldiers and destroyed the main buildings.

Brigade 2

The Brethren Court later came in to ambush both sides. All three forces attacked and many were killed.

Brigade 3

More arrived. The Navy decided to put up barricades along the island. Many were destroyed, however.

Brigade 4

The Snatchers pushed through the barricades and attacked the mansion. Later, Jolly Roger himself arrived.

Brigade 5

Scabior, Jack Swordmenace, Jolly Roger, and Captain Leon arrived at the mansion at the same time. All 4 of them duled each other. None of them won. They all had to retreat back to their ships to their base.

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