Basil Tackcrash

Basil Tackcrash is far too mighty for these weaklings!

Basil Tackcrash was born in Padres Del Fuego long ago when it wasn't

swarmed by Jolly roger and the EITC and the Navy. He lived peacefully

with his parents and brother, until one day when the attack of

Padres Del Fuego errupted, the EITC and Jolly Roger swarmed the City.

Basil survived the situation. at that time he was only 16 when he stole a boat

from the dock. He never looked back to that island until he knew it was time.

Basil found himself at Port Royal around fisherman who treated him like

a surrendering EITC guard. They slapped him around, tried to sufficate him

and tried to kill him with a sword. When Basil was short on money he became

a Ship maker ( in the buisness with Carlos of Spania). One day, Basil bought

a ship that is still standing today, The Moonraker Griffin. He used it almost

wherever he went. One day Basil Went to Tortuga and invented a famous

Sword fighting strategy called Jumping. It was not a speed glitch kind

in fact it was barely jumping! One day as Basil was sailing, he came upon

an Island such as known now Ravens Cove and colonised it. One day as he

sailed back from Ravens he saw Captain Walter's ship, The Magic being torn up by EITC Ships. He steared his ship over and tried to help him. He took a big tare in his ship and a cannon ball scraping his face. At the age of 28 basil Was only known as a hero . His moto was When you pick up a sword you cant put it down.

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