Bartholomew Stormbane

Bartholomew Stormbane

Bartholomew Stormbane is a Notorious, Level 38 pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. He is a Swashbuckling Legend when it comes to his Cutlass with it he has fought off many of Jolly Roger's Undead Invasions! He is always ready to help out a fellow pirate in distress.

He has a War-Sloop, The Sea King, which he uses to traverse the Caribbean.

He has a War-Galleon, The Dark Cobra, which he uses to sink every enemy ship in the Caribbean. But to mostly loot and sink Death Omens, Behemoths, Juggarnauts and Dreanoughts

LevelTemplate38 Bartholomew Stormbane has reached Notoriety level 38!
Weapon Skills

Sword Skill

Level: 26

Shooting Skill

Level: 17

Doll Skill

Level: 23

Dagger Skill

Level: 26

Grenade Skill

Level: 22

Staff Skill

Level: 24


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