Backstabber is the older brother of Big Bernard, Bonebiter and John the Cutter

Level: 61

Only drops Guns, Daggers and Swords (broadswords sabres and cutlass's)

Weapons: Nightmares Revoultionary Swiftload Blunderbuss, Throwing Darkness (Throwing Daggers) and Mutiant Flame Sword


Oldest brother of the Traitor Ghost Bosses Family

Times killed: 0

Fastest Kill: Jack O'vane level: 50 mastered all weapons, killed in 10 seconds (day of The Muertos Moon)


mother unknown father said to be a relative of Khaos older brother to Big Bernard, Bonebiter and John the Cutter.


Backstabber has deadly powers and abilities.

Nightmares Revoultionary Swiftload Blunderbuss

300 attack, gun ammo: fear, Swiftload (reload speed increased 150 percent)

Throwing Darkness

Daggers that throw pure evil, kills anything good or honest that it comes in contact with.

Mutiant Fire Sword

This sword has any attack damage up to 400.

Abilities: Allows the holder to change between Sabre, Broadsword and Cutlass. Flameskull

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