Roger is a Test Server Conquistador. His title "Admiral" was added when he boarded a Spanish Ship Of the Line in his early days as a Conquistador, and sunk waves of French Frigates.

Clothes (Test)

Steel Conquistador Hat (Rarely Bronze or Steel Cabaset)

Plain Linen Puffy Shirt

Patchwork Vest

Pototato Sach Trousers

Bucket Boots

Ships (Test)

Ship of the Line ( Dark Conqueror )

War Frigate ( Renegade Serpent )

Levels (Test)

Roger doesn't usually do quests, only collecting items or sailing under the Spanish Crest.

Notoriety: 12

Sword: 7

Gun: 5

Cannon: 5

Sailing: 3

Doll: 0

Dagger: 2


Admiral Roger's Portrait

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