'The EITC Lord' Magazine is an EITC magazine published every month, containing news, EITC fashion tips, free EITC advertisement for any EITC guild or group approved(for more information about advertising send a message to Lord Cad Bane on his talk page), news from London, Q&A section(to have one of your questions in 'The EITC Lord' send a message to Lord Cad Bane on his talk page) and much much more. The magazine is written by Lord Cad Bane & King John Breasly, edited by Lord Cad Bane, and published by The East India Press.


  1. 'The EITC Lord' Issue 1
  2. 'The EITC Lord' Issue 2
  3. 'The EITC Lord' Issue 3
  4. 'The EITC Lord' War Report
  5. 'The EITC Lord' Issue 4
  6. 'The EITC Lord' Tribute: Lord Cad Bane
  7. 'The EITC Lord' Issue 5
  8. 'The EITC Lord' Breaking News
  9. 'The EITC Lord' Tribute: Black Officers
  10. 'The EITC Lord' Issue 6
  11. 'The EITC Lord' Issue 7
  12. 'The EITC Lord' Issue 8

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